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eCard Artist,

Lisa Ernst began painting and studying art in the mid 90's, after leaving her position as CEO of a computer company in Nashville. She focused her studies on floral and still life paintings and that has remained her specialty. Her work has been exhibited in many group and solo exhibitions in both galleries and museums, and she was featured in American Artist Magazine, one of the country's top art publications. Her work hangs in corporate, public and private collections internationally and she frequently accepts large scale commissions. The renowned M.D. Anderson Hospital in Houston has acquired five of Lisa's large florals over the last few years. In 2007 Lisa completed a large commission for the public collection of Northwestern University Medical Center in Chicago. In addition to being a top rated medical center, Northwestern is recognized for its world class public art collection. Lisa is currently represented by dealers in Houston, Jacksonville, New Orleans, and London.

A colorist and contemporary realist, Lisa uses the vibrancy of acrylic paints to amplify nature's colors and forms. In the mid 90's she studied intensively with the noted artist Walter Bunn Gray (1934-2002) who had a successful fine arts career in New York City prior to his retirement in Franklin, TN.

Commissioned paintings are available. Write Lisa for more information or call 615-376-7933

Artist's Statement

The theme of impermanence has been central to my life and my art, perhaps because both of my parents died when I was a teenager. I find solace in embracing that all of life is constantly changing. In my art I am most often drawn to express the beauty that exists in the midst of life's impermanence by paintings subjects that are short-lived. Whether a flower, a ripe piece of fruit or a cluster of sunlit leaves, these offerings of nature spend only a short time in their fully alive form. Through studying and painting these impermanent subjects, I am constantly reminded that life is brief and the time to appreciate my own life is right now.

I paint in a realistic style that captures detail as well as form and color. While I prefer accuracy and tight finishes, I don't strive for fully developed photorealism. I want to leave an impression of my own hand at work and my personal interpretation of nature. This is more easily seen by viewing my works in person.


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