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The eCard Gallery ofWilliam J.D. Doran

eCard Artist, I was born the seventh child of a family of ten children and grew up on a ranch in Twisp, Washington, in the Methow Valley. I currently make my home in Seattle. At an early age I learned to nurture my creativity and found a strong interest in art. My early interests were in oil paints, pottery and eventually stained glass. My current medium is in an unique style derived from watching the spray-paint street artists of Mexico. I paint with spray paint using more traditional air brush and acrylic brush techniques. I love working with spray paint because of the brilliant color pallet and because it is such an untraditional media. I find great pleasure in sharing my interpretations of spiritual matters through my paintings. They give me an avenue to express my driving spiritual life focus and need for a creative outlet. More recently I have ventured into digital art reflecting my love of yoga and the beauty of the yoga postures.

My personal philosophy is symbolized in my choice of the starburst as my logo. It represents my belief that we have an origin in the stars that intimately connects us to Earth. I believe we are called to serve the planet and humanity in accelerating their transformation into a higher spiritual dimension. My spiritual world view, which strongly guides my artistic expression, predominately incorporates the theme of connecting to sacred space, both internal and external. I chose subjects that come to me in meditation and symbolize an emotion longing, a memory or experience that connects and amplifies my everyday world to that of Spirit. I see all aspects of my art as an "expression of spirit." My paintings depicting sacred places honor that part in us which longs for inner peace and unity with God. I strive to paint images that my Higher Self recognizes as home.

My life has lead me in many diverse directions. I have traveled extensively in Latin America and have schooled several times in Mexico, becoming fluent in Spanish. My B.A. degree from the University of Washington Jackson School of International Studies has helped me to open my mind to the universal similarities shared by all people, as well as gave me an appreciation for our unique differences and means of expression. My college experience lead me into the world of computer technology. From my technical experiences I developed a view that computers are a tool to further expand the capabilities of the individualís expression. Utilizing this tool, we are more empowered in our creativity and link with the greater consciousness of humanity. To this means I find great pleasure in using technology as a vehicle to share my interpretations of spiritual matters expressed in paintings and writing.


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