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Apollo is best known for his Marine Life, Endangered Species, Endangered Habitat and Tropical Art. He combines the style of realism with a touch of animation. Apollo captures the essence of spirit in his subjects and reveals their beauty on canvas.

Apollo was born in Southern California into an artistic and encouraging family. His father was a painter. From him, Apollo learned the art of mixing color and working with textures. His mother was an electrical engineer. She worked on projects for the NASA space programs of Mercury, Gemini and Apollo. She is also a world class professional ceramicist, winning many awards for her works. During his childhood, Apollo's parents worked at the original Disneyland. His father worked on the creation of several murals at Fantasy Land. His mother helped design and create the miniature city display at the GE House of Progress and also did the electronic circuitry for It's A Small World.

Apollo's current creative ventures include the writing and illustrating of children's books, though which he hopes to bring an environmental and social message to children of all ages. Working with Environmental Groups and Social Charities to raise money and awareness, Apollo feels it is a responsibility and a motivating factor in all his work.

Early in his career, Apollo gained a fine reputation as an illustrator, commercial artist, designer and cartoonist. He had a weekly comic strip with a local newspaper. At one time he owned a custom fashion boutique in Lake Tahoe where he designed a variety of clothing, including dresses, jackets and t-shirts. Many of his clients were celebrities, such as Liberace, Mac Davis, Rip Taylor, Sammy Davis Jr., Willie Nelson, Cher and Mike Love of the Beach Boys.

On the lighter side, Apollo has done stand-up comedy and worked as a professional clown and mime. Apollo has also enjoyed acting in television commercials and extra work in movies and community theater. He performed as a special guest clown with the Emit Kelly Circus and numerous charity events, including the Special Olympics. Apollo supervised a troupe of clowns called "Clown Patrol". They were all expert skiers commissioned to do several promotions for many of the Sierra Nevada Ski Resorts, such as The John Denver Celebrity Pro Am Ski Tournament. They were featured on a television news program called P.M. Magazine. Apollo still has great interest in the theater and returns to Lake Tahoe every winter to perform as a principle character in a musical adaptation of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol". It has become a Christmas tradition that has continued for the past eighteen years.

A fixture in the Maui art scene of the mid 1980s, Apollo gained a deep appreciation and understanding of the marine environment through constant interaction with the ocean and its creatures. While not engaged in his first loves of snorkeling, free diving, and of course painting, Apollo can be found hiking the rain forests throughout the islands.

After a two year stint of art shows and mural painting in Southern California, Apollo returned to Hawaii in 1991.

Apollo feels fortunate to have always made a living creatively. His fine artwork is currently seen on a variety of products including phone cards, t-shirts, note cards, coffee cups, puzzles, mouse pads, yo-yos, posters, collectible milk caps, key chains, magnets, business logos, clothing logos, posters and limited edition fine art prints. The list has expanded to include his newest ventures into Cyber-Art, computer animation and website designs found on the internet.

Apollo designed a painting depicting the animals of the African Savanna at the Honolulu Zoo, living together in peace and harmony. Image rights for posters and t-shirts from this very special painting titled "Wild In Paradise" were donated to the Honolulu Zoological Society to raise funds for the Zoo.


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